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20-year-old Raudha Athif was reportedly found hanging in her room in Bangladesh’s Rajshahi on March 29. Ms Athif was a Maldivian model and featured on the cover of Vogue India last October. She was studying medicine at the Islami Bank Medical College. Her death, however, is being investigated as her brother alleged that what appears to be a case of suicide is actually murder.

Rayyan Athif, in an interview with American website WND, alleged that Ms Athif was killed by Muslim extremists in Bangladesh because she didn’t wear Islamic clothing.

”Raudha’s style of clothing was branded as ‘immodest’ and ‘un-Islamic’ even though she adhered to the dress code in the college premises by wearing a veil covering her face,” he was quoted as saying by WND.

Ms Athif, it appears, supported those who were presumably in a similar condition as she was reportedly using her platform to defend those who were subjugated over religious controversies.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh police, has not ruled out Ms Athif’s murder as suicide as Amin Hossain, Assistant Commissioner of Rajshahi Metropolitan Police Detective Branch, said that there may be a ”50 percent chance that she did not commit suicide.”

A report in news.com also quotes Ms Athif’s hostel superindent as saying that she “always looked happy” and that it was “hard to believe she would commit suicide.”

Vogue remembered  Raudha Athif in an obituary which they published on their website on Monday