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A lot of us find ourselves smitten whenever we see an Indian Army officer around us. We find ourselves overwhelmed and inundated by the virtue of their uniforms and what Indian Army has done for the nation.

Just recently, while returning from one of their UN missions, an Indian Army troop landed at Indira Gandhi International Airport today at 0300 hrs and what happened next will leave you all confounded.

On their arrival, the soldiers and officers were greeted with a massive spontaneous applause by the staff and by the passengers.

There is not an ounce of doubt that with this reaction, the Army felt honoured and loved. This move comes right after what Modi said at one of his speeches,ย โ€˜Can we make effort slowly and develop a tradition to show respect to our defence forces?โ€™

After Major Gaurav Arya uploaded the video, within minutes, it went viral and everyone started appreciating it.