7c News shocking viral video shows man trying to abduct girl

A shocking video has come up on social media that showed a man apparently trying to abduct a girl in broad day light in while a big crowd just stood watching.

The video has now gone viral on social media and has sparked an outrage. Though the exact location of the incident is not known yet, it appears to be somewhere in Assam.

The video showed a man trying to forcefully take the girl on a scooter, while he has another person already sitting on the rider’s seat. The man dragged her but the girl resisted with all her strength.

However, things got worse when the man started throwing punches at the girl, while the latter fought back with an umbrella. The man is seen beating the young lady brutally, but she even made him bleed with her hits. It appears that the girl and the man know each other.

However, what is most shocking in the entire episode is no one from the crowd came forward to help the girl. At least, around 20 to 25 people, including men and women, were present at the scene, but not a single person tried to stop the man, even when he started punching the girl on her face.

It is only when the man apparently tried to remove the girl’s clothes, some men intervened, and the guy had to leave her. The already gone viral video and many have slammed the crowd for not intervening.