7c News Nitish Kumar sworn-in as CM for 6th time, BJP joins government

Nitish Kumar is taking oath as the chief Minister of Bihar for the sixth time with NDA’s support after he quit from the post on Wednesday evening. Senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi will be made the new Deputy Chief Minister. Nitish had submitted his resignation to Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi on Wednesday evening and said that he had waited for clarifications from RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav and Tejashwi Prasad, but received none.

Stay tuned for live updates on the Bihar CM’s resignation news.

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  • Nitish Kumar will again take oath as Bihar’s Chief Minister on Thursday at 10 am
  • Senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi will be appointed as the Deputy CM
  • Nitish had resigned from the post after JD(U)’s legislative meet on Wednesday
  • PM Modi extended congratulations to Nitish for ‘joining fight against corruption’
  • Tejashwi Yadav requested Bihar Governor to let the RJD prove majority on the floor

Watch the Swearing-in Ceremony Live

RJD Cancels Protest

RJD cancelled its march to Raj Bhavan. Section 144 was imposed around Raj Bhavan before the oath taking ceremony.

Nitish-Sushil Arrive at Raj Bhavan

Both Sushil Modi reached the Raj Bhawan in Patna, set to be sworn in as Bihar Deputy Chief Minister. Nitish Kumar also reached the Raj Bhawan shortly after Modi.

Bihar Guv Invites Nitish to Form Govt

Bihar Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi invites Nitish Kumar to form Government. Reacting to the governor’s decision, Tejashwi told the reporters, “RJD being the single largest party should have been invited to form the government. We are taking legal advice and will move court against the governor’s decision.”

RJD Members Block Mahatma Gandhi Setu, Connecting North Bihar with Patna

Akhilesh’s Bollywood Jibe at Bihar

Akhilesh Yadav took a sarcastic jibe at Nitish’s patch up with the BJP on twitter. “Na Na karte pyaar tumhi se kar bethe, karna tha inkar, magar ikraar tumhi se kar bethe,” Yadav tweeted.

JDU’s Own Question Nitish’s Conscience

JDU’s own, Ali Anwar who is a Rajya Sabha MP and a senior member in the party questioned Nitish Kumar’s decision to join hands with the BJP.

Nitish Kumar decided to follow his inner conscience to support BJP but my inner conscience doesn’t allow me to support his decision. I will present my view in the party meeting, it is not only about Bihar it is about India.

Former JD(U) chief Sharad Yadav is also reportedly unhappy with Nitish Kumar’s decision.

Nitish Wants to Form Govt With Deshdrohis: Tejashwi

Threatening to hold a dharna if not called to form a government, Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejashwi Yadav, his brother Tej Pratap Yadav along with other RJD workers and MLAs marched towards the Raj Bhavan early on Thursday morning.

After meeting Governor Tripathi, Tejashwi Yadav told the media they’ve requested the former to stall the swearing-in ceremony which is to be held at 10 am today and to give the RJD an opportunity to prove majority on the floor.

It will be a historical moment for the Governor, if he does so. People of Bihar will remember him forever. Tejashwi Yadav

He said that he has been made a scapegoat and that the Mahagatbandhan was an excuse as Nitish was looking for ways to join hands with the BJP.

Each development seemed planned… It was all pre-decided. Why was everything so rushed? On what ground is he questioning us. They opened the case and have been doing nautanki. He (Nitish) himself is tainted and has been accused under Section 302. The RJD, Congress and all those who oppose BJP-RSS and Nitish will protest, hold dharnas and burn effigies.

Tejashwi went on to say that the Grand Alliance is still intact with the Congress and Independent leaders being part of it.

He further lashed out at Nitish asking if he’s forgotten PM Narendra Modi’s “DNA remark” during a rally in 2015 when he said that it seemed that there was “some problem with Nitish Kumar’s DNA”, hinting at his frequent change in political allegiance.

The PM had insulted him and now he wants to form a government with the descendants of Godse? He could’ve told us that he wants to leave and join the deshdrohis… He has deceived the people’s mandate and they are watching.

Tejashwi questioned why are all JDU MLAs “locked up” at Nitish’s residence and if Nitish is so confident, then why not hold elections.

He said that the RJD will not take the legal course and go to court.

Sushil Kumar Will Be Bihar’s Next Deputy CM

Senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar will be sworn-in as Bihar’s next Deputy Chief Minister, said state BJP President Nityanand Rai.

Sushil Kumar told the media that the Governor invited the JD(U) and the BJP for oath-taking ceremony at 10 am on Thursday. He also said that a letter with support of 132 MLAs has been submitted to the Governor.

Tejashwi Yadav lashed out at Nitish as he questioned his rush to be re-appointed as the state’s CM.

He further took a dig at Nitish saying if he was “proud of his moral values and honestly”, he wouldn’t have rushed to meet the governor at midnight to stake claim to form the government.

Yadav also threatened to stage a dharna if not called to form the government.

Nitish, Sushil Leave to Meet Governor

Nitish Kumar along with BJP member Sushil Kumar left for Raj Bhavan late on Wednesday night to meet Bihar Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi. Some of the BJP and JD(U) leaders will also accompany them.

Nitish Kumar to Take Oath as Bihar CM

BJP member Sushil Modi said that his party will offer support to Nitish Kumar to form government in Bihar. Nitish will take oath as Bihar chief minister on 27 July.

Disappointed at the News, BJP Has Challenged Bihar’s Honour: Congress

We are disappointed by the news of resignation of Nitish Kumar. Congress President and Vice President hold Nitish Kumar in great respect and affection. All of us must remember that the mandate given by the people of Bihar is to policies, programmes and leadership of Mahaghatbandhan for full five years. It is also a mandate against the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who challenged the honour (Asmita) of Bihar. Responsibility lies upon each one of us to respect this mandate. The Congress Party will do everything within its means that this mandate is honoured. Randeep Surjewala, Congress Spokesperson

Lalu Attacks Nitish Over Resignation “Drama”

Turning the tables on Nitish, Lalu pointed out a case against him from 2009. The RJD chief questioned Nitish’s claims of fighting corruption and said:

Nitish Kumar has many criminal cases against himself, how is he commenting on ‘zero tolerance’. He knew that he is accused of Section 302, one of India’s CM is the main accused in murder and arms case. He has a murder taint on him. We knew but never highlighted it… He knew he has been cornered and that’s why he gave his resignation. He’s with RSS-BJP. PM Modi immediately congratulated him, what an understanding. Either you want to throw the state into another President’s rule or you have an understanding with the BJP for govt formations… I am very sad at the resignation.

BJP Not in Favour of Mid-term Polls in Bihar

Following Nitish Kumar’s resignation, the BJP called for a core meeting in New Delhi. Sushil Kumar Modi said at the meeting that the party is not in favour of mid-term elections. He further added:

A three-member committee has been constituted for making the future plan of action. We are happy that Bihar CM didn’t compromise on issue of corruption and did not kneel down before the RJD.

Numbers Game in Bihar

The Bihar assembly has a total of 243 seats of which 80 are held by the RJD and 71 by the JD(U). The Congress has 27 of these seats and the BJP and its allies have 58 seats. A party or an alliance needs 122 seats for a majority in the assembly.

PM Modi Congratulates Nitish in ‘Joining Fight Against Corruption’

Soon after the resignation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted out congratulations to Nitish Kumar.

(Many congratulations to Nitish for joining the fight against corruption. 125 crore honest citizens welcome this decision.)

(The special development of the country and the bright future of Bihar, rising above political disagreements, uniting as one against corruption – these are the demands of the times.)

Nitish tweeted to the PM in return and said:

(I whole heartedly thank PM Modi for response through his tweet about our decision.)

Our Support is Subject to Nitish’ Stance: RS Prasad

Nitish Resigns as Bihar CM

After the Janata Dal United JD(U) legislative meet, Nitish Kumar resigned as Bihar Chief Minister. The entire JD(U) cabinet is likely to follow, according to some media reports. Speaking after the resignation, Kumar said:

Things that have come up in the recent past have made it hard for me to work in an alliance with the RJD. We never asked for anyone’s resignation. I spoke with Tejashwi, met with Lalu and asked them to explain the accusations to the public… From my end, I tried my best to keep the alliance intact, but my conscience pricked me. This is not trouble, this is self-inflicted trouble. I waited a long time for a clarification, but there was no clarification. I managed as long as I could, but now I am unable to carry on (with RJD alliance) under current conditions. My commitment is to Bihar and its people. I blame no one for this.

Nitish Didn’t Ask For Tejashwi’s Resignation: Lalu

Lalu said that the Bihar CM had not asked for Tejashwi’s resignation. He further added:

We have formed the grand alliance, made Nitish the Chief Minister. Why will we break the alliance? Kumar is leader of the grand alliance. We will not tolerate any disrespect towards him.

BJP Is Trying to Break Us: Tejashwi Yadav

On the issue of his resignation, Tejashwi said:

I was never asked to resign. It’s RSS-BJP which wants to break the grand alliance, people can see through their conspiracy. Amit Shah had said he wants to see the BJP in power in every state, so they are trying all means to break us.

Sushil Modi had likened the state Chief Minister to a “pilot of a hijacked plane” earlier on Wednesday. Responding to Sushil Modi’s comments, Tejashwi said:

Sushil Modi is not even a Bihari, he is an outsider, so these people don’t care about Bihar’s development or its people.