'Keep Boys At Home, Not Girls,' Says Kirron Kher

Amid the rapidly evolving developments in the Chandigarh stalking case which has taken the nation by storm, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Kirron Kher on Wednesday dispensed a sliver of advice saying that the same rules and restriction should be imposed on both boys and girls when it comes to safety.

“Every boy should be kept inside the house at night since that is when problems are being created. Why is there a danger at night and not during the day? They should tell boys not to go out at night too,” Kher told the media outside the Parliament.

Vikas Barala arrested

In a dramatic turn of events, Vikas Barala arrived at Chandigarh police station three hours after the summoning deadline. Four days after the police report filed by Varnika Kundu, son of BJP leader Haryana State BJP President Subhash Barala, appeared before the police for questioning. Vikas Barala has been arrested by Chandigarh police under Section 365 and Section 511. Section 365 focuses on kidnapping or abducting a person with intent secretly and wrongfully to confine a person. Both Vikas and his friend, Asheesh have been arrested.

Sources tell 7c News that Vikas Barala’s bail bond has been canceled. Vikas has allegedly agreed to be a part of the investigation and is said to have given an unconditional letter to the police stating that he will not leave Chandigarh and will come to the police station twice a day. His actions act as an attempt to prevent the arrest, sources add.

Earlier during a press conference, Subhash Barala had said that his son, charged with stalking a woman in Chandigarh, will completely cooperate with the police. Barala reiterated his earlier statement and said the victim Varnika Kundu is like his daughter. “Varnika Kundu is like my daughter and the daughter of the nation. As soon as I got to know about the notice issued by the Police, I informed Vikas and asked him to come and cooperate in the probe. Earlier also he co-operated with the police,” he said.

“I think this is a milestone today”

Following the arrest, Varnika Kundu, the complainant, told 7c News, “I am extremely happy and glad this happening. It’s only the beginning.” She added that she “didn’t expect him to give in without a fight” and “arrest is a small part of the process.”